Our twin attractions, The Enchanted Forest and SkyTrek Adventure Park, have plenty of activities to entertain the whole family, from toddler to great grandparents, and beyond!

The Enchanted Forest

  • THE ENCHANTED FOREST – The main trail of the grand forest provides the magical setting for over 350 jolly folk art figurines, BC’s tallest grandest treehouse that rises 50 feet into the forest canopy and a giant stump house with surprises around every corner.  See photos »
  • INTERPRETIVE NATURE WALK & ROW BOAT TOUR – Wonderful 2 kilometer boardwalk through a lush BC forest with interpretive signs to learn more about trees, plants, herbs, roots and see a giant 800 year old cedar grove. The self guided row boat tour on the wetlands allows you to see beaver dams, lodges, floating natural gardens, frogs and lily pads!  See photos »
  • ANNUAL SALMON RUN – Watch the wonderful cycle of spawning! In the Fall, Kokanee Sockeye, Spring and Cohoe Salmon, along with Rainbow Trout may be seen spawning in the Eagle River.  See photos »

SkyTrek Adventure Park

  • AERIAL TREKKING COURSE – Climb from tree to tree on ladders, scramble up nets, over suspended bridges and swinging logs, fly down zip lines or even slide to the next tree on a skateboard!! Over 30 games for families and youth!  See photos »
  • THE ADVENTURE TOWER – With 6 adrenaline-pumping activities gathered up in 1 really fun tower: Sky Swing, Sky Drop, 2 Climbing Walls, Log Climb and the Jacob’s Ladder (group activity).  See photos »
  • KIDS TREE ADVENTURE – Kids games at its best! Giant caterpillar nets, bridges, ropes and barrels to climb across! 10-30 minutes of exciting adventure for your little ones!  See photos »
  • KIDS JUNGLE GYM – BC’s ultimate playground and it’s only for kids! Climb across a giant spider net, limbo under flying bats or speed down a fully netted zip line!  See photos »